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Elastic tape cutting machine is care free

Elastic Tape Cutting Machine is a machine used to cut different types of elastic tape. This machine has high-speed cutting blades, and the maximum hot-cutting temperature is 350 degrees F, ensuring maximum heat sealing efficiency. It can be operated manually, or with automatic settings, and the maximum cutting speed is 110 pieces per minute for elastic with a length of 50 mm. This machine can be programmed to automatically stop cutting the elastic when it runs out of material to cut. It also features an exact length cutter with a cutting speed of 110 pieces per minute. It can be fully automated, ensuring high productivity. Moreover, the elastic cutting machine is equipped with an anti-pull-back mechanism, guaranteeing that the elastic braided bands cannot be pulled back after cutting.

The Elastic tape cutting machine is a simple but powerful tool that allows the user to create perfect cuts in a variety of materials. Its unique design ensures accurate cut lengths and ensures safety by incorporating safety measures such as a protective shield and automatic feed. This machine can be used in a variety of industries, including packaging, decoration, masks, and footwear.

This machine can be used to cut knitted, woven, and braided elastics. Its blade is heated to a melting point to ensure a fray-free edge. It can also be used to cut narrow fabrics. And with its microcomputer-controlled design, it's easy to use and fast.

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