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What materials can a Velcro cutter be able to cut?

The compact and portable machine for cutting velcro and loop tape. It can cut up to 7090 pieces per minute. The cold cutter is equipped with high-speed steel blades for a fast and clean cut. This machine can be set to cut up to a specified length and quantity, and will stop automatically when the material runs out. The machine does not need compressed air connection to run, so you can save money on compressed air costs.

The automatic cutter can be configured to cut strips up to 70mm wide. It can process single-sided strips or multi-layer strips, and can also be customized according to the cut shape you want. Its dual-tool design allows it to cut 2 bands at once, allowing you to produce more pieces faster. The machine is equipped with a roll holder and auto-stop function, so it switches off automatically when the material reaches its limit.

The velcro cutting machines is a powerful piece of machinery that can cut velcro tapes of different sizes with high precision. The machine uses a steel thick knife that is sharp and durable. It produces a smooth cutting edge. It is also equipped with a large LCD display, simple setting keys, and multi-cooling fans, which ensures long-lasting performance. This machine can cut velcro tapes of different sizes up to 200 mm in width. This machine is also capable of cutting a wide range of tapes, which will increase productivity.

The machine features a micro-computer control system that allows you to process the cutting process. It is capable of cutting a variety of materials, including velcro, nylon webbing, and elastic band. It also comes with a built-in fuse to prevent accidental power interruptions. It can process both overlapping and non-overlapping patterns.

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