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As a famous

automatic tape cutting machine manufacturers and custom elastic cutting machine suppliers

, Taizhou JEMA Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional factory integrating design, research and development, production, marketing and service of cutting machine, tape cutting machine, automatic elastic cutting machines, computer cutting machine, multi-function computer cutting machine, ultrasonic computer cutting machine...
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  • 1997 Years

    Company Founded in

  • 24 Years

    Industry experience

  • 10,000 m2

    Factory floor space

  • 180+ Employees

    Skilled technical worker

  • Our advantages


    After 10 years of concentrated development, continuous innovation, every year dozens of new tape cutting machine and other products on the market, to meet the needs of users.

  • Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

    lmported high-power acoustic transducer, easy to cutoff the thick, thin material, the cutting surface is smooth without burr. Imported cylinder, long service life.Sharing technology platform unique cutting knife, knife mold can carry a variety of shapes.Touch screen operating system, more convenient operation.

    Multi-function Cutting Machine 150 Series

    Cutting machine with a variety of functions,adoptsynchronous belt device with more stable tapeloading,more accurate tape cutting. Automatic and effcient, this machine is equipped with receiving device so that it's easy for customer to pack. When cutting tapes, this machine can make holes with different diameters. So this is the machine that has multifunctions to meetcustomer's diverse needs.

    Automatic Cutting Machine 130 Series

    Industry unique accurate to 4 digits of the compensation function.reduce the scope of each controllable error,cut off a section.automatic reset no accumulative error, with the large power cuttermotor, easily cutting a variety of materials of different thicknesscut with a maximum width of 300 mm, especially suitable for thickmaterial.

    Automatic Cutting Machine 120 Series

    The special setting function of fault, caused the ma-chine stopped functioning problems, the screendirect display , clear fault zone; more kinds of functionmodels, to meet the different needs of different ma-terial cut with demand;

    Automatic Cutting Machine 110 Series

    Only the computer program set, can operateautomatically, without manual guarding, save laborcost, simple operation, compared with the traditionalmanual operation, completely improve workefficiency;

    Mechnical Cutting Machine Series

    Adjustable feeding length, with automatic feedcounting function, high efficiency, low noise, smallsize,light weight, saving labor costs, simpleoperation;

    Automatic button feeder Series

    Creative button align adjustment system,thickness & width measurement with one key-press, fault self-checking system, advanced technology, easy operaation

    Industrial Button Sewing Machine Series

    Creative button align adjustment system, thickness &width measurement with one key-press, fault self-checking system, advanced technology, easy opera-ation

    Cutting Machine Series

    This machine is specially made for cutting knitting bales. Excellent mechanical performance, the width of the bundle can be adjusted up to 100 mm, and the specially designed cloth feeding wheel makes the operation easier.