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The features and applications of elastic tape cutting machine

Elastic Tape Cutting Machine
An Elastic Tape Cutting Machine is a useful tool for cutting elastic tapes. It can be adjusted for length and precision cutting. Its maximum hot cutting temperature is 350°F, which guarantees high heat sealing efficiency. It is fully automated and can work at a maximum speed of 110 pieces per minute based on a 50 mm length of elastic tape. It can also be customized according to the desired length of elastic, ensuring high productivity.

An elastic tape cutting machine is a piece of machinery that is used for cutting elastic tape. It features an AC motor that is accompanied with an inverter and an LCD touch panel for controlling the cutting process. Another important feature is the urging assembly, which is a pivotally supported arm that is mounted with an elastic body. The arm engages the elastic tape in the guide groove 25 through pressure. The arm also includes a slot 28a for passing the elastic tape.

Elastic tape cutting machines are available in various models, with each model able to cut different types of materials. Most machines have a counter that can be used to set the amount of tape to cut, and they also have an alarm to alert the user when the tape is tangled.

There are several applications for an elastic tape cutting machine. The main purpose of an elastic tape cutting machine is to cut the elastic tape. This machine can be used in different industries such as textile, packaging and garments. It has a high level of automation. This machine is able to cut and trim the elastic tape in a precise manner.

The machines feature adjustable lengths, precise cuts and accurate spacing. They are suitable for both single and multiple operators. In addition, they feature a bobbin-free design, which allows the user to use any size of core. The cut length is also accurate to within 0.08 inches.

Precision cutting length
For cutting woven, knitted, or braided elastics, precision cutting length machines are necessary. This type of cutting machine stretches the elastic tape to a length that will be uniform throughout the length. The edges of the tape are heated to melting temperature to ensure that there are no fraying edges. It is also suitable for cutting narrow fabric or webbings.

During cutting, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. If there is a slight deviation from the blade, the material may end up being wasted. If it is too long or too short, the tape may tear or stretch prematurely.

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