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JEMA 2021 Guangzhou Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition was successfully held!

On the afternoon of October 17th, "Arrow Horse 2021 Guangzhou Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition" It was grandly held in Panyu, Guangzhou. Ruan Mengzhu, general manager of Arrow Horse Company, sales managers Chen Haiyan, Tan Qihua, technical staff of the company, representatives of dealers and after-sales representatives in Guangzhou, etc. attended the exhibition.
Jianma General Manager Ruan Mengzhuo delivered a speech
The meeting officially started. Mr. Ruan Mengzhu, general manager of Arrow Horse Company, delivered a speech. First of all, Mr. Ruan sincerely thanked all dealers, friends from all walks of life and media friends for attending the meeting, and extended a warm welcome to everyone.
Then Mr. Ruan explained the development history of Jianma Company. It has been 24 years since Jianma was founded in 1997. With the upgrading of factories and products, the company has obtained 55 technical patents and invention patents. , stable quality, reliable mechanical properties and favorable prices are sold at home and abroad, won the trust and praise of users at home and abroad.

At the meeting, Mr. Ruan emphatically and detailedly introduced the various performance characteristics of the automatic button feeder, and displayed it more intuitively in the form of video, so that everyone could understand the functions of the product more clearly. The function of the product is of course important, the company has made an economic benefit according to the user feedback and the market use survey of the product. The installation of the arrow-horse automatic button feeder can greatly improve the production efficiency and save the production cost to improve the company's economic benefits, killing two birds with one stone.

Talking on paper is not enough. We need to practice the operation. In order to let everyone understand the product more deeply, we set up a product display area outside the venue for the guests to observe and operate on the spot.

"Twenty-four years of trials and hardships, and twenty-four years of hard work in spring and autumn", Mr. Ruan said, Jianma's success today is inseparable from the support and trust of all the people present and the majority of users. More intelligent new products to meet the needs of users, and constantly improve after-sales service and technical support to escort users.

More than half of the dinner party, the company also arranged a lottery draw and on-site praise activities, and the atmosphere of the dinner party reached a climax.

Congratulations to all winners

The time for reunion is always so short. The 2021 Guangzhou Technical Exchange and Product Exhibition of JEMA is coming to an end. Today we are here to discuss the development of products and industries. I believe we will all benefit a lot. Once again Thank you all for attending, we will meet again next time!
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