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JEMA Arrow Horse 2021 Dongguan Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition was successfully held!

Warm congratulations to the complete success of the 2021 Dongguan Technical Exchange and Product Exhibition jointly held by Taizhou Jianma Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Huayuan Needle Car Trading Co., Ltd.!

On the afternoon of November 7th, "Arrow Horse 2021 Dongguan Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition" was grandly held in Humen, Dongguan. Chen Haiyan, Tan Qihua, sales managers of Arrow Horse, and company technicians and representatives of dealers and after-sales representatives in Dongguan participated in this exhibition.

At the beginning of the meeting, Xiao Shenghua, general manager of Dongguan Huayuan Needle Car Trading Co., Ltd., the representative of Jianma Company, delivered a speech. He pointed out that this event attached great importance to the significance of the exchange meeting and hoped that more people would know about Jianma and its products. I believe Jianma products are in a leading position in terms of finishing, application speed and technical content.

Later, Chen Haiyan, sales manager of Arrow Horse, explained the 24-year development history of Arrow Horse Company. In 1997, Arrow Horse Company was established. From the initial mechanical operation to the current intelligent breakthrough, if there is progress, there must be changes. 24 Years of precipitation, arrows and horses came to everyone step by step.

Mr. Xiao and Mr. Chen introduced the high-quality products of Jianma and widely used in the market - the various performance characteristics of the automatic button feeder in detail for the on-site customers. Learn about the functionality of the product.

Explaining the theoretical knowledge is still not enough, you still need to experience it yourself to have an in-depth understanding of the product! We have prepared a product field experience session.

​Each machine has its own characteristics, and exhibitors have experienced it in person. After the trial, the performance of the product has been recognized and supported by everyone. By experiencing new products and new technologies at close range, it also connects them with a channel of mutual communication, which benefits a lot.

After the machine experience is over, Now on to dinner time.

Mr. Xiao and Mr. Chen speech at the dinner

In the lottery session, the like activity pushed the atmosphere to a climax.