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What are types of shank button feeders?

A shank button feeder is a machine that is used to feed shank buttons into a sewing machine or other button-attaching machine. It is typically used in the clothing manufacturing industry to automate the process of attaching buttons to garments.

Shank buttons are buttons that have a small loop or shank on the back, which is used to attach the button to the garment. The shank button feeder is designed to hold a supply of shank buttons and feed them into the sewing machine or button-attaching machine one at a time.

There are several types of shank button feeders available, including manual and automatic models. Manual feeders require the operator to manually load the buttons into the feeder and activate the feeding mechanism. Automatic feeders, on the other hand, are equipped with a hopper or other mechanism for holding a larger supply of buttons and can feed them into the sewing machine automatically.

Shank button feeders can help to improve the efficiency and productivity of the button-attaching process, especially in large-scale clothing manufacturing operations.

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