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Have you thought of these functions of the 998 automatic deduction machine?

Since the second-generation 988 automatic deduction machine was launched in 2016 and the third-generation automatic deduction machine was launched in 2019, it has been recognized and supported by consumers. In November 2021, the fourth-generation 998 automatic deduction machine was released. The machine has received a strong response, and its sales are extremely hot, with sales increasing by 110% in 2022. In addition to stable quality, more advanced functions, and more advanced technology, it is also benefited by the fact that we have developed a number of original functions, which have been enthusiastically sought after by the market. Let us see what functions it has.

One button to measure the width of the buckle
One-key width and thickness measurement (patented product): When changing different buttons, just press the thickness measurement button, the thickness measurement plate is automatically lifted, and the button is easily put into the button. It has the advantages of fast adjustment speed, high adjustment accuracy, and no training required. In particular, no training is required for novice employees, which greatly saves training costs. However, other brands on the market need to manually adjust the screw handle to adjust the width, but also adjust the position of the buckle and the thickness. There are problems such as slow adjustment speed, insufficient adjustment, and unsmooth delivery of the buckle, especially for new employees. The training is quite long. Compared with other brands on the market, this function is two-thirds faster in the time of changing the button, the accuracy is higher than that of manual adjustment, and the use cost is lower.

At the same time nail the size buckle
When nailing buttons of different sizes on the placket, neckline, and cuffs of a garment, you only need to input a few large buttons and a few small buttons for a garment in the system, and the machine will automatically switch when nailing big and small buttons. When encountering large and small buckles, use 2 processes or use 2 machines. Greatly improve the company's economic efficiency. While other brands require two processes or two machines to complete, there are problems of slow production speed and high production cost. Compared with other brands, this function can save a process, a worker and a machine, and the use cost is directly reduced by half, and the use cost is very obvious.

stepper motor buckle
Adopting high-precision stepper motor feeding method, the feeding position is extremely accurate, the feeding speed is fast, the feeding is soft, the noise is low, and the service life is long. While other brands on the market use the cylinder to feed the buckle, the position of the buckle is not accurate due to the influence of air pressure.

One-click switch button
When nailing big buttons (button diameter ≥ 20mm), you only need to open "big button open" on the screen, and the system parameters will be automatically adjusted. It has the characteristics of fast switching speed and convenient switching, which greatly saves switching time and improves production efficiency. However, other brands on the market have to adjust the parameters of each system or manually adjust the control valve of each cylinder, which has problems such as long adjustment time and unstable adjustment.

automatic deduction
When the deduction fails, the machine automatically re-sends it once, without manual deduction, and has the characteristics of fast deduction speed. However, other brands on the market use manual buttons to make up the deduction when the deduction fails, and there are problems such as slow deduction speed.

Support the secondary thread trimming of the button machine
When the secondary thread trimming is required, just turn on the secondary thread trimming function of the buttoning machine and the secondary thread trimming function of the button feeding machine. It can be directly buttoned, which is convenient and quick.

Integrated buckle design
It is more convenient to replace the clasp. When replacing, you only need to loosen two fixing screws, remove the clasp, replace the clasp to be used, and fix the screw. It has the advantages of fast replacement speed and precise position of the clasp. However, when replacing the buckle, other brands have problems such as the separation of the buckle and the grasping plate, the small fixing screw, the limited replacement position, the long replacement time, and the inaccurate replacement position.

One-button four-hole to two-hole button
When converting a four-hole button to a two-hole button, you only need to press the two-hole button, and the system automatically switches to the two-hole button delivery mode, which is convenient and quick to switch, with the advantages of accurate position and fast switching speed. While other brands need to adjust the screw to manually adjust the angle of the arm, or move the entire machine position, the adjustment speed is slow, and the adjustment is not in place.

Electronic control system
Using the PLC integrated system developed by the company, its running processor is fast, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is very convenient. The machines on the market generally use a single-chip system, which has the disadvantage that the processor speed is slow, and each part must be connected to a solid line, which is difficult and inconvenient to maintain.

Thickness measurement template adjustable
When nailing the fur collar button, the button edge is very thin and the button is overlapped. By adjusting the thickness measurement template screw, the gap between the side plate and the button is reduced, so that the thin button will not be stacked.

Crimp system
Adopt cylinder two-way pressing system: clockwise and counter-rotating pressing, make the pressing more stable.

anti-collision system
During operation, step on the pedal and do not release the button to continuously feed the button, so that the machine arm will not collide with the button clip of the button button.

Any combination
The equipment can be matched with various brands such as Juji, Brothers, 1903, 438D, 373D and other types of buttoning machines.

economic benefits
Through the one-button width measurement and buckle system, it can simultaneously nail large and small buttons, convert four-hole buttons to two-button buttons, one-button switch to large buttons, and one-piece buckle and grasp. According to user feedback and the understanding of our interviewed users, compared with other brands of button feeders on the market, this product can save about 10 minutes of time in the above functions. Calculated by 30 buttons per minute, saving 10 minutes of time, 10X30=300 pieces, 300÷7=42 pieces of clothes are calculated according to 7 pieces of a shirt, which means that each time the above functions are used, 42 more pieces of clothing can be produced compared with other brands on the market, and the economic benefits are very considerable. Compared with manual buttoning by workers, 2-3 workers can be saved, and the cost of the machine can be recovered in only 3-4 months, and the economic benefits are even more considerable.

No price increase for upgrade
Upgraded so many functions, but the price is not a penny, Jianma insists that everything is for the interests of users first, and the tireless craftsmanship spirit, persistent research and development, to provide users with better products.

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Solemnly stated
This series of products have obtained a number of patents and are protected by national intellectual property rights. Counterfeiting will be investigated for economic and legal responsibility! ! !

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