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What principles should be followed when choosing a laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machines have been extremely common in industrial applications. How to choose a suitable and affordable laser equipment in the face of numerous laser equipment?

Laser processing technology has many valuable features. However, specific to whether a product is suitable for adopting this technology, the following principles should be followed:
(1) It cannot be solved by other existing methods, and can only be solved by the method of laser processing;

(2) It can be solved by other existing processing methods, but if the laser processing method is used, the product quality can be greatly improved, the production efficiency can be improved, and the economic and social benefits can be significantly increased;

(3) It is necessary to fully consider the matching links related to laser processing in the processing process;

(4) Pay attention to the application of laser processing and conventional processing combined processing technology in order to make full use of their respective strengths;

(5) In practical applications, domestic equipment should be used as much as possible if domestic equipment can be used. This is conducive to promoting the development of national industry and innovation; for the users themselves, using domestic equipment has the advantages of cheap price, convenient maintenance and security, and suitable for my country's national conditions.

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