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What functions does the automatic cutting machine have?

An Automatic Cutting Machine can cut fabric automatically, saving time and effort. Once the fabric is pre-cut, the worker only has to sort the pieces. The machine will take care of everything else - from measuring the width and length of the fabric to ensuring that the fabric is not wasted.

The Automatic Cutting Machine comes with a range of advanced features. Its Hybrid Cutting feature is perfect for cutting samples with multiple layers. It allows you to set up to 5 different cutting parameters for the same sample, and it will automatically continue the cutting process using the next layer's cutting parameters.

It is equipped with a DC cutting motor that can be adjusted to different speeds. It can be set to run at low or high speed depending on the type of material that needs to be cut. Using the diamond cup wheel, the machine can achieve a smooth and clean cut, eliminating sample damage.

The Automatic Cutting Machine is equipped with a variety of features for precise, deformation-free cutting of a variety of materials. It is suitable for any laboratory and has a sleek, modern design with an intuitive control panel. It features a built-in cooling system, a digital readout, and an automatic stop after the end of each cut. The machine also features a universal specimen vise and a double parallel vice for cutting long specimens.

The Automatic Cutting Machine is equipped with the highest safety standards, ensuring your safety and the safety of your materials. The hood of the cutting machine is equipped with a magnetic safety switch, which prevents the motor from starting unless the transparent cover is closed. A separate emergency stop button helps to shut down the machine immediately in the event of a malfunction. In addition, the transparent hood features soft-closing capabilities that protect fingers from injury.

The Automatic Cutting Machine comes with a cutting bed made of durable, movable bristle blocks that are easy to replace. Its low maintenance requirements are further improved by automatic bristle cleaning. The machine also comes with a diamond double-wheel sharpener to sharpen the blade evenly and efficiently.

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