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What are the benefits of the elastic self-adjusting elastic band cutting machine?

The regulating device 80 of an Elastic Tape Cutting Machine regulates the spring force applied to the machine. This device has two major features: the spring force and the frictional resistance. Hence, the machine is said to be able to regulate the spring force automatically. However, it is quite troublesome and time-consuming to manually adjust the spring force. Thus, the present invention aims to provide an Elastic Tape Cutting Machine with automatic spring force regulation.

The regulating device 80 regulates the spring action provided by the elastic body 30 by a valve. The regulating device may include extra sets of limit switches that can be adjusted to any valve position. If the motor fails, the actuator must include auxiliary contacts rated at five Amps at 110 V.a.c., and should be adjustable continuously in the range of open to closed. The actuator shall also be adjustable at 0.4 rev/s, and must not take more than two minutes to complete full operation.

The cutting machine preferably includes a delay unit that delays the transporting movement of the separating material. The separating material, usually a tape of paper or film material, is unrolled while under tension. The delay unit increases the frictional resistance of the transporting movement of the tape. During unrolling, the tensioned tape does not jump from the tape roll 11 or the deflection rollers. Moreover, the separating material is rolled without kinking.

The regulating device 80 for an elastic tape cutting machine regulates the force of the retaining means 24. The regulating device includes a shaft 81 that engages the arm 28 at one end and a lever 82 pivotally connected to the body 21 at the other end. The lever 82 is connected to a stepping motor 83 via a controller 84. The shaft 81 passes through the body 21 and arm 28 and has a coil spring 85 attached to it.

An elastic tape cutting machine of precise length is necessary for slicing knitted, woven or braided elastics. Elastic tape cutting machines using a hot knife are ideal for cutting twill fabrics and webbings. A hot knife is capable of heating the cut edges to a melting point, resulting in a clean, fraying-free edge. Elastic tape cutting machines with a precision cutting length can be used for wide fabrics as well.

The elastic tape cutting machine can cut a variety of materials, including heat shrink tubes, fabric, and even Velcro. Its microcomputer controlled design makes it simple and fast to use, and it is capable of cutting a variety of different materials. The machine is able to cut a variety of different materials, including a wide variety of elastic tapes, so there's no reason not to invest in one.

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