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What are the advantages of a laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine technology has been widely used in the fields of automobile, machinery, electric power, hardware and electrical appliances, etc. The cutting machine has high speed, narrow slit, small heat affected zone, good straightness of slit edge, and cutting edge lubrication are widely used by us. So what are the advantages of laser cutting machines?

Detailed advantages of laser cutting machine:
1. High precision: suitable for cutting precision accessories and precision cutting of various craft words and paintings.

2. Fast speed: more than 100 times that of wire cutting.

3. The heat-affected zone is small, and it is not easy to deform. The slits are smooth and beautiful, and no post-processing is required.

4. High cost performance: the price is only 1/3 of the laser cutting machine with the same function, and 2/5 of the CNC punching machine with the same effect.

5. The operating cost is very low: it is only 1/8 to 1/10 of the same type of laser cutting machine, the cost per hour is only about 18 yuan, and the cost per hour of the laser cutting machine is about 150 to 180 yuan.

6. The follow-up maintenance cost is very low: only 1/10~1/15 of the similar laser cutting machine, and 1/3~1/4 of the CNC punching machine with the same effect.

7. The function is stable and the production is guaranteed to continue.

8. Compared with CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine has the following advantages:
(1) It can complete the processing of various complex structures, as long as any picture can be drawn on the computer, the machine can complete the processing.
(2) No need to open a mold, just make the drawing on the computer, and the product can be produced immediately, which can quickly develop new products and save costs.
(3) The cutting machine has an automatic tracking system, so it can complete both plane cutting and various uneven surface cutting.
(4) The complex process requires CNC punching to be difficult to complete, and laser cutting can do it.
(5) The surface is very lubricated and the product grade is very high, which is difficult for CNC punching machines.
(6) The formed box (within a thickness of 0.5 meters) needs to be processed by adding holes and grooves, which cannot be processed by the CNC punching machine, but can be solved by the CNC metal laser cutting machine.

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