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Using ultrasonic cutting machines has many benefits

Using ultrasonic cutting machines has many benefits. It can be used for various applications including food processing, electronics manufacturing and many more. The technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut materials, reducing friction and minimizing waste. In addition to that, it is environment-friendly, and does not affect the ecosystem. The application of ultrasonic cutting can be used for a wide range of applications such as cutting non-woven fabric, rubber, ham and cheese.

The blade of the ultrasonic cutting machine vibrates at 20,000 to 40,000 times a second. The amplitude of the oscillation is mainly dependent on the radius of the drill. The vibrational amplitude is the largest when the diameter of the hole is large. This is especially effective for pilot holes, while it is less effective for holes of smaller size. The ultrasonic cutting machine is subject to strict hygiene measures, which reduce the risk of contamination. It is also a reliable technology.

The most common material for the cutting tool is Titanium. This is because it is the most resistant to damage from the ultrasonic energy. In addition, it is the most effective for cutting materials. When it comes to ultrasonic cutting, it is important to have a good handling system that allows for precise cuts at the desired location. This can be done by using a computer-controlled head, which guides the blade's movement.

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