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How to choose a high-quality laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine belongs to the new type of numerical control equipment. The customer does not have a relatively mature concept when purchasing, so how to choose a high-quality laser cutting machine:

1. Quality
The cutting quality evaluation of the laser cutting machine mainly focuses on the main parameters such as the width of the cutting slit, the roughness of the cutting surface and the slag hanging as the relevant standards. In order to let the readers understand better, the following points are explained to us:

A. The width of the slit is an important point that determines the quality of the laser cutting machine, and it also reflects the radius of the small circle that the cutting machine can cut.
B. Surface roughness, which is used to describe the appearance of the incision surface of the laser cutting machine to determine whether reprocessing is required after cutting.
C. The amount of hanging slag is the amount of oxide slag or de novo solidified material adhering to the lower edge of the incision after thermal cutting by the laser cutting machine.

2. After-sales service
Now more and more professions appear after-sales service, a virtual product that is sold to customers together with the product. From the perspective of actual purchase, after-sales service is as important as the quality of the product, which ensures that customers can use it with confidence after purchase.

3. Price
The price may be the most important point for many buyers to purchase products, but the editor tells you that choosing our company will definitely allow you to buy a laser cutting machine with excellent value for money.

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